Blade Runner 2049

The hunt for rouge replicants has begun!


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Investigate hidden replicants, violent street games, and the Tyrell corporation's many schemes in Blade Runner 2049, a turn-based, combat RPG with an official license from the film of the same name.

There's loads of different characters to recruit to your ranks, including an iconic blade runner similar to the one portrayed by Ryan Gosling in the Denis Villeneuve sequel. But that's not all, you can create alliances with cops, yakuzas, martial arts experts, or underworld technophiles.

Blade Runner 2049 has turn based fighting, and you have to choose both your characters's goal and which skills to use. Fortunately these intense battles have no hints of automatization - it's entirely up to you to create an effective strategy and plan your attacks.

Accept missions that will take you on interesting side quests. Keep collecting evidence, fighting all the enemies in your way, and finding clues until you find the solution to each challenge!

Fans of the Ridley Scott cyberpunk odyssey -inspired by Philip K. Dick's exciting novel- will be captivated by the exciting game Blade Runner.

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